MOVE IT UP  is a music rhythm game and is very easy to play. Two different colors of rhythm balls generated from the screen, all you need to do is follow rhythm and use fluorescent sticks to destroy rhythm balls timely.


There are four types of game mode, Solo, Campaign, Survival and Battle.

  • Solo mode includes 10 diverse genres of music with 3 different levels of difficulty. This special level design guides players' body movements and let them dance simultaneously according to game rhythm.

  • Campaign mode includes 120 levels, player could launch new level via conquering challenges and collecting diamonds.

  • Pioneered by Move It Up, Survival mode includes 2 special long songs and 6 different levels of difficulty. Via random level generator, player will never know which level who will play next time.

  • Move It Up's exclusive Battle mode allows players to battle each other worldwide. Players could acquire unique skills by accumulating combo numbers and could disturb opponent by performing these skills timely. The strategy-rich battle mode is definitely the ultimate challenge for players.


  • Diversified music genres from Taiwan pop music to electronic music.

  • Follow rhythm and use fluorescent sticks to destroy rhythm balls timely, having fun is easy and intuitive.

  • With millions of random question bank, challenge is boundless.

  • Exclusive battle skills, disturbing opponent's rhythm and collecting rhythm balls at the same time. The win-win philosophy makes the battle more challenging and strategic.


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Delicate sound tracks officially licensed from well-known music artists in Taiwan. Some songs are also licensed for official music videos and can be played on the big screen in the game. Taiwan‘s pop music has always been a leader in Chinese pop music.
MOVE IT UP hopes to bring excellent Asian music to the world. We cooperate with well-known Taiwanese pop music producers to collect outstanding pop music of different styles from the Taiwan music circle as the soundtrack of game levels. Genre covers POP, Hit-Hop, Rock, Heavy Metal, EDM, so that all players can find their favorite genres of songs.

What is the difference between Solo mode and Campaign mode?

Solo mode is the first mode of this game which contains 10 songs with three levels, easy, normal and hard, 30 levels in version 1.

Campaign mode combines 5 songs into 1 group, each group provides different level setting, player could collect diamonds to unlock a new group and redeem a reward.

Where could I buy this game?

You can buy this game from Oculus official website.

  1. Select App & Games

  2. Select Rift

  3. Type in the keyword ‘Move It Up’ to search

  4. Go to ‘Move It Up’ page

  5. Purchase this game.

Can I turn off or adjust game strike sound effect or visual effect?

You can adjust these effects in UI settings.

What is the purpose of collecting diamonds in Campaign mode?

Diamond is used to unlock new group or new song in the future.

When will the Solo mode have new songs and new level updates?

New songs will release in version 1.2, we will continue to update new songs in the future.

Could the weapon of Campaign mode be used in other mode?

No, this function is currently disable.

Can I play with friend in Battle mode?

No, this function is currently disable. We will develop this function it the future.

What is the reason when I did hit a ball but got ‘miss’ result?

In order to avoiding exceeding game paly safe area, you can check if you are standing inside the white circle.

What is secret to get perfect hit?

You can stand inside the white circle to increase hit accuracy.

Does this game provide editor for player to design level?

We will provide this function in the future.