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​About Bomding

Bomding  focuses on developing advanced XR interactive content software products.

VR, AR, MR interactive software and digital content are our strengths.

Core R&D team members have been developing our own branded products since 2016,

with strong technical strength and years of experience in cross-hardware integration software development,

and have a complete solution for all types of XR, mobile and PC.

All of the above technologies have been developed and utilized in our specific products.

We have obtained four Taiwan invention patents for the above technologies, 2 for VR and  2 for AR.

Speech recognition
For VR devices with microphone inputs
Gesture commands
Direct gesture commands with input devices
Motion capture
Interact directly with human body posture with sensor devices

Bomding has strong experience in cooperation with major VR hardware companies in the world.

We are able to complete the interfacing of different VR systems, including all kinds of PC VR and VR all-in-one. 


We have deeply researched the interaction methods of various XR devices and products.

In addition to the common touchpad and handheld controller interactions, we also have the following advanced interaction techniques:

  • Situational simulation experiences and game products based on various physical interactions.

  • Various standardized workflow exercises and task simulations.

  • Virtul working environment and virtual 360-degree scene tour Interactive Introduction.

  • Various types of AR model interactive development and design.

  • Virtual character customization and interactive performance design.

  • Virtual venue production and interactive tour designs.

We have in-depth research on all kinds of interactive technology and imaging technology, as well as the most complete experience in XR products.


We are able to customize the highest quality XR interactive content and services according to the owner's needs and within a reasonable budget and timeframe.

Services we can offer

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