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The main stage of the game is Hsinchu City, Taiwan, where players can experience the history of Hsinchu while playing the game.The story will revolve around a history scholar and a time and space security agent, the player can according to the progress of the plot to play the role of alternately, from different characters as the starting point to experience the same script, through different perspectives to encounter, correct and repair historical events, experience conflict, cooperation, choice and other episodes, and ultimately work together to catch the mastermind and to explore his motives. The game is not limited to static observation puzzles, but also has dynamic action elements to be completed when encountering emergency events. The puzzle theme is easy to learn and is also consistent with the historical era, fully highlighting the human history of Hsinchu, creating a high sense of immersion in the era, and sometimes the player's choices will also affect the direction of the plot. In addition, there is also an option for a 360-view, where players can get a glimpse of Hsinchu's actual scenery by using VR 180/360 to take 4K high-resolution 3D shots of the city.

​HSINCHU - Turn Back the Clock

VR Game

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